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Clock clock

Illustrating the futility of time.
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The clock clock consists of 12 identical wristwatches, all strapless. They are set to different times, one hour apart.

These twelve wristwatches are mounted on the periphery of a disc, which rotates anticlockwise once every twelve hours.

A central mechanism drives an hour hand, which rotate clockwise at the usual rate.

Thus, the hand always points toward the watch which is displaying the correct hour.

In the more elaborate version, each of the 12 wristwatches is replaced by a rotating disc of 60 identical watches, set one minute apart, orbiting a mechanism which drives a minute hand.

MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2012

(?) Laurel and Hardy version http://www.youtube....watch?v=7s1fjDJNZP4
06:13 - And ye, they madeth a kind of time [4and20, Sep 18 2012]

Clock Clock number 2 http://www.gizmag.c...ital/24918/pictures
This one actually functions. [AusCan531, Nov 08 2012]

288 Clocks Clock http://www.gizmodo....nt-analogue-clocks/
[AusCan531, Feb 28 2013]


       Build it and they will watch.
sqeaketh the wheel, Sep 08 2012

       Is there a second's version?
xenzag, Sep 08 2012

       Daylight savings time would suck.
DIYMatt, Sep 08 2012

       Daylight savings would be no problem; you only need adjust the central hand an hour.
gisho, Sep 08 2012

       In an hour the hand moves clockwise an hour (+1) the subclocks move clockwise an hour (+1) and the disk moves backwards 1/12th of an hour (-1/12) In 12 hours you're 24 steps forward and one step back.   

       Unless I missed something this clock runs backwards at half rate   

       EDIT: I missed something. The clock runs forward at a rate of 1 and 11/12ths time. To fix it make the disk retreat at the rate of thirty degrees per hour.
Voice, Sep 08 2012

       //Unless I missed something//   

       At (say) 3pm, the hour hand is pointing due east. The watch to which it's pointing says 3pm, and the next watch around says... ah, hang on, you're right. But only technically.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2012

       Hang on a tick.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 08 2012

       No adjustment to your invention necessary, [Max] to fix the issue that [Voice] identified - you just need to mount the clock inside a aeroplane flying rapidly East.
hippo, Sep 10 2012

       Someone else has just baked a version of a Clock Clock [link]
AusCan531, Nov 08 2012


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