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Chupacabra Barbie

Is it an alien... is it a bigfoot? Hours of fun
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Barbie body with fur and an alien head.

Ads would go as follows:

Is it an alien... is it a bigfoot...maybe Ken just had some bad Tequila? Hours of fun (not for sale to families with goats)

Kenbo, May 04 2004

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       Mamase mamusa mama cosa ¿Usted?
dpsyplc, May 04 2004

       Y tambien no mas hicimos un idea de barbie. Como se dice "Marked for Deletion?"
yabba do yabba dabba, May 04 2004

       you have to say it in english <grin>   

       heh its not so bad!
po, May 04 2004

       Maybe it's a variation on a theme, inspired by the other recent Barbie idea. Doesn't strictly seem derivative.
half, May 04 2004

       vaya, pero esto ya existe. He estado jugando con mi muñeca de Celia Cruz por años.
eyeguy, May 04 2004

       Goat sucker Barbie? I'm sure I've seen the Mpeg.   

       ¿Lechón Barbie de la cabra? Soy seguro que he visto el MPEG.
Zanzibar, May 04 2004

       "Estoy seguro" is what I think you where aiming for. Babelfish has problems with declensions :)
fishspeaker, May 05 2004

       Is this a sign of things to come? Non english annos?
Perhaps different language versions of the site are needed.
MikeOliver, May 05 2004

       Yo no entiendo. ¿Hablas español?
Worldgineer, May 05 2004

       Jai nicht spreche espanol (or German for that matter, just fairly useless School French).
Herbicide, May 05 2004

       I also used the word 'Lechón', (colloquially, 'suckling pig'), rather than 'aspira' or 'chupa', you might notice.   

       Spanish is not a popular language here. I get very little practice. Yes, the correct verb declension is probably 'estoy'. My meaning was clear enough.
Zanzibar, May 05 2004

       [DrCurry]: I don't consider this an echo idea. Please dump the mfd.
bristolz, May 16 2004

       no comprendo. why do we need such a thing?
schematics, May 16 2004


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