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Dammit Doll "Expressions" Edition

Durable, soft doll with a magic eight ball inside to express your anger.
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Too livid for words? Just want to beat something to a pulp, too? The Dammit Doll "Expressions" Edition can give words to your indescribable rage. It has a springy metal structure (like the kind used in those glasses one can bend and twist to any shape) in its belly with a clear plastic window for viewing the soft foam "sentence dice" inside. Shake or beat the doll, and a new expression comes up. Doll comes in various flavors, expressing anger against a man, woman, an ex, or boss (for instance). The doll also has pre-made holes for sticking pencils or other objects through.
Dripdry, Aug 29 2007

A cursing pen http://saveabuckent...log%26catid%3D62539
[DrCurry, Aug 29 2007]


       I think you'd find a market for a manikin with a fixed but irately screaming face that will yell curses of pent-up rage when activated. It'd be easier to fabricate than changing expressions.
DrCurry, Aug 29 2007


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