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Church of Virtual Reality

Lets face it - the world is not real!
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We live in a virtual world generated by computers. Many people do understand the rules of our virtual world, and they need enlightenment and guidance. This is why we need a Church, while I am not into brainwashing, apparently only by encouraging a significant (I still don't know how many) number of people to accept our lives as virtual will we be able to pause the game and review where we are at. The CoVR will help guide us onto the next game, which will involve a whole lotta fun I am reliably informed by Sega.

Join the CoVR because a new, more powerful, consol is out and I'm bored of this game!

rbrand71, Apr 06 2001


       So where's the hyperspace button?
rmutt, Apr 06 2001

       ...or smart bomb, for that matter?
iuvare, Apr 06 2001

       I was going to stay neutral, but I have to give it a fish until the Zero Wing reference leaves.
centauri, Apr 06 2001


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