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Computers for Windows

A window screen computer frame and sill.
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As a tribute to Rene Descartes computers should be made that can be retrofitted into windows. That philospher hallucinated the first computer from his sickbed, when he concieved that mathematical data can be graphically arranged in axis. A necessary development in the invention of computers. Obviously it was this early Internet that he alone was viewing that required him to develop a distintion between realities that you can now read about.

Now that everyone can view representations of mathematical data in a pane of glass, with the assistance of a powerful computer, the technology should be placed into windows. Computers for Windows will fit inside window frames, and keyboards will be placed on windowsills. It will remind computer users to not be immesersed in a naive reality, and to appreciate the cognitive reality that Rene Descartes had access to before lightbulbs.

rcarty, Jul 17 2013


       The problem here is that the data is most easily discerned by blacking- or whiting-out non-data portions of the screen, at which point you're left with a traditional monitor but impossible to move and very expensive to install or upgrade.
Voice, Jul 17 2013

       When you need a mosquito screen, you use the appropriate screen saver.
pashute, Jul 19 2013


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