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Cinderella toilet paper

Going to the ball!
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TP is the Cinderella of paper products. Stepsister Napkin gets fancy colors, patterns, foldings - even rings. Even stepsister Paper Towel gets to branch out into all sorts of interesting and unexpected work. But not TP. "Wipe this, TP! Wipe that TP." An endless slog.

Here at BUNGCO we feel a great affinity for the role of Fairy Godmother. Although "going to the ball" could be interpreted incorrectly here, we feel that a fancying up of TP would allow it new rolls, and possibly improved performance in its old tasks.

1. Solid color TP. TP is always white, which seems clean but it actually the worst color. Napkins know this. BUNGCO introduces festive solid color TP, each season appropriate. Pink rolls for Valentine day, green and red for Valentines, orange and black for Halloween and so on. White would still be available for Surrender Day. These rolls would be a decorative bathroom addition for the season. Additionally they offer great decorating prospects as TPing - the practice of hurling rolls up and over trees, cars and other slow moving objects. TP breaks down easily in water, and so nature will clean up after you. Or gather up the sheets from the yard and use them in the bathroom for their original purpose! The Earth will love you back. And front!

2. Decoratively perforated TP. This idea has been done here before (linked). But in the CTP, these perforations are seasonal themes - bats, clovers, ankhs and what have you. One of the BUNGCO interns suggested that the perforated bits be put in a small bag and be sold along with the TP, for additional crafty purposes.

3. Unseparated sheets. Currently, TP is weakened such that it falls into small squares. Why? Who uses a small square at a time? This Cinderella TP is one unbroken sheet, for longitudinal strength when decorating.

bungston, Oct 28 2013

Save a tree TP save_20a_20tree_20TP
The perforated concept. [bungston, Oct 28 2013]

TP has always been made in solid colors!! https://www.google....AQ&biw=1024&bih=599
[xandram, Oct 29 2013]


       Perhaps if the roll had perforations every half-meter or so (maybe every old-fashioned-foot)? I do agree that most of the time the quantity that easily detaches when you pull on the roll is too short.
Vernon, Oct 28 2013

       // White would still be available for Surrender Day//   

       I didn't know you were French...   

       If you have cartoon characters for boys and girls (say Cinderella and Transformers), eventually Dad will be in the bathroom swearing and mounting a second paper holder on the wall.
popbottle, Oct 29 2013

       Holy buckets! Look at all the colorful toilet paper! Even with the naked men! I wonder if this stuff is only available in Denmark?   

       I am ordering some now!
bungston, Oct 29 2013

       //3. Unseparated sheets//   

       I'm at a station in life where I often sit in stall equipped with two huge rolls of un-perforated 1-ply. It's heartening to know that there are people in this world who've never known such suffering.
the porpoise, Oct 29 2013

       ... and those of us old enough to remember the separated, folded, glossy sheets that had, I swear, sharp edges.
FlyingToaster, Oct 29 2013


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