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Colored Last Roll of Toilet Paper

Have one pink or blue roll in the pack to remind when it's time to go to the store and get more.
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Wouldn't it be nice to be reminded of the necessity of getting more T.P. before you run out? Cash register tapes have a colored stripe on the last few inches of paper, so the cashier knows the tape is running out and it's time to change it.

Singles might not be exposed to this problem as much, but in a multi-person household (assuming men change the roll at all), you sometimes don't know you're on the last roll until you reach into the cabinet for a fresh one and find yourself in, errrr, a sticky situation.

Seems like TP companies could pretty easily mix one colored roll in a pack of white paper. As long as you use that roll last, it will remind you that you need to buy more every time you enter the bathroom, thus averting the embarrassing and inconvenient use of paper towels, kleenex, or (ewwwww) random scraps of paper until you go to the store. (Of course I speak from personal experience - If you will be at my house soon, you may want to use the restroom beforehand).

agentzen, Sep 21 2001

Bog Roll Alarm http://www.halfbake.../Bog_20Roll_20Alarm
(Do other animals have the hassles we do?) [pottedstu, Sep 21 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Good idea!
hippo, Sep 21 2001

       Ah, Halfbakery, home of the potty-brained.   

       There is an obvious problem with this. It's one thing having a till roll the last bit of which is red, quite another having a whole set of toilet rolls, the last one of which is red. Guaranteed a drunk or legs-crossed flatmate would grab the nearest one without noticing its colour, and your red one would be in the dispenser with half a dozen perfectly decent peach ones in the back.   

       If you're using this, you might as well just keep a pack of extra cheap and sandpapery pink/blue/red/special-coloured paper in the cupboard, so that when you ran out of the other stuff, you'd have a rather more pressing reminder of the need to buy more.   

       What we need is a giant version of those cotton reel dispensers you get in shops where you can load about 8 rolls in the top. See also Miss Weston Smith's Bog Roll Alarm (see link) for related topics.   

       (I badly need to get a girlfriend (or some other expensive hobby). Sadly I don't think this is the way to get one. Even a dog I could take for walks.)
pottedstu, Sep 21 2001

       Use Rods Tiger's tube idea, load 'em up (obviously putting the coloured one in last or next to last) and you have a workable version.   

       But why stop with simple colours? There are many printed bog rolls - come on jutta, move on from t-shirts, get some half-croissant printed bumph. Hey - print the half-bakery book onto them and you've also got entertainment for the smallest room.
snagger, Sep 21 2001


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