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Buddy Paper

“Hey, buddy. You got any paper? I’m out here.”
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When the stall is out of toilet paper we call over to the adjacent stall asking for a handout.

A thin slit in the adjoining wall would provide access for the leading edge of the toilet tissue to be fed through when requested, for use on the other side.

(Buddy Stores are externally-mounted fuel tanks on military aircraft, used for refueling your buddy who is running low.)

whatrock, Jul 29 2022

Can't spare a square. https://www.youtube...watch?v=Ssoyy7FrSXs
[a1, Jul 29 2022]


       + Hopefully we can have * girlfriend * paper in the ladies room, too.
xandram, Jul 29 2022

       This would be way better than waiting for someone to occupy the next stall or getting caught doing the dropped pants waddle of shame.   

       But before this we always just handed the paper underneath the side wall of the stall.
xandram, Jul 30 2022


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