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Civil Defense Bicycle Hub

Hub Mounted Mechanical Siren
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The front wheel hub of my bicycle is a bit lazy. The rear one is OK, it's got a nifty epicyclic gearbox in it, which is nice. So I want to put the front to better use, I'd say that a dynamo would be a good idea, but it's already been done.

So, an old style mechanical air-raid type siren is effectively a centrifugal fan, with slotted exits. There's often a bit of a horn-style motif to improve the whole direction of the sound control thing. We could use an epicyclic gearbox in the front hub to power such a siren. A cable operated clutch would bring it in and out of operation, otherwise you'd have a constitutive Sirencycle*

This machine could be used to ride around areas that need a good siren-ing. Such as nuclear missile targets, tornado zones or France. Alternatively it could just be a jolly feature to have on your bicycle to enjoy with like- minded chums.

* which I think is near Cheltenham.

bs0u0155, Aug 20 2014

[xandram], this is as close as I can get Cement_20Truck_20Mu...Ice_20Cream_20Maker
[normzone, Aug 21 2014]

Gears http://sheldonbrown.com/derailer.html
I think Sheldon would have liked the HB [bs0u0155, Aug 21 2014]


       Horror of horrors! It has just occurred to me to wonder whether or not the unique sound of bagpipes might be emulated by your bicycle siren.
Vernon, Aug 20 2014

       You could use it to warn OF imminent bagpipe deployment...
bs0u0155, Aug 20 2014

       No downside.
bungston, Aug 20 2014

       Except for lovelorn men chasing after you in the street attracted to your siren song.
rcarty, Aug 21 2014

       Out of interest, which geared hub are you using, and are you using chain or belt drive? I'm considering upgrading, but I can't get anyone to recommend anything other than a rohloff (at like $2k+).
Custardguts, Aug 21 2014

       // A cable operated clutch // jammed in engaged position 5 km from home at sunset [+]
piluso, Aug 21 2014

       + Can we get an alternate Ice Cream Truck song / siren?
xandram, Aug 21 2014

       //which geared hub are you using//   

       A 1966 Sturmey Archer 3 speed, with the original chain. Derailleur systems <link>, with all their wibbly- wobbly compromise cogs, are for the sort of weak minded individuals that buy a set of 107 kitchen knives off late night cable TV.   

       In all seriousness, I hear the new Sturmey Archer stuff is heavy but good.
bs0u0155, Aug 21 2014

       I'm pretty sure Sturmey Archer now do a fixed-gear (i.e. no freewheel) 3-speed hub, for the hipsters.
hippo, Aug 21 2014

       Sturmey Archer is the best. I detest those derrière gear systems. No man or woman needs any more than 3 speeds.
xenzag, Aug 21 2014

       The Shimano Alfine is available in 8 and 11 speed versions. I've not ridden one but a few people at work ride them. Not sure of the price but definitely cheaper than a Rohloff.
EnochLives, Aug 21 2014

       [+] idea, [+] piluso's anno.
calum, Aug 21 2014

       [+] make them mandatory during the French stages of the Tour De France to ensure a bloody good siren-ing.
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 21 2014

       //mandatory during the French stages of the Tour De France to ensure a bloody good siren-ing//   

       That would be fantastic, imagine the din of a furiously sirening peloton descending an alp.
bs0u0155, Aug 21 2014

       Well, if you are going to use this going downhill in France, the sound of a WWII Stuka siren might be a bit much.   

       If you built it right, you could use the front forks as the siren horns. The shape is vaguely the same.
baconbrain, Aug 21 2014

       // use ... in France, ... a WWII Stuka siren might be a bit much //   

       Au contraire, it will just mean the french riders increase their speed to get away ...
8th of 7, Aug 22 2014

       // french riders increase their speed to get away ...//   

       which increases the tone and intensity of the siren, which increases the speed further...   

       A vicious cycle if you will.
bs0u0155, Aug 22 2014

8th of 7, Aug 22 2014

       <more applause>
AusCan531, Aug 22 2014


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