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cyclic tunes

struck bicycle spokes for musical riding pleasure
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As I had busted my bottom bearing, I was forced to walk my bike home. The dangling chain randomly struck the spokes making a delightful sound as I strolled. It took my mind away from the distance I was yet to cover.

So why not have strikers attached to the frame and have the spokes produce different notes. Each spoke would be a different length and have a paired extender to make up the length of a normal spoke. A silent spoke would have a little u deformation to miss the striker.

For my wheels that's 27 1/4 inches (0.692m) @ say 20km/hour (5.56m/s). gives 8.10 rotations per second or one rotation every 0.123 seconds. 32 spokes gives a note every 0.004 seconds. ** Numbers revised : circumference not diameter so piD 3.14*0.692 = 2.17 m gives 2.56 rotations per second or one per 0.390 seconds one note every 0.012 s

I thought the numbers looked a bit fast so it would only probably sound good when you are straining up a hill. Some silent spaces look like a necessity.

The bicycle could have two channels. Marks on the tire would be used to synchronize the voices. Skidding either wheel with the brakes could adjust timings for some additional effects.

The enhanced version would be an electronic striker which senses wheel speed and controls striking to suit the music spoked.

For some reason the General Lee's air horn comes to mind. Though, this idea wouldn't work when obtaining air. Maybe some chamber music or Deliverance.

wjt, Nov 24 2012




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