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Civvie-Street Action Man

The Post-Commission childs toy!
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Everyone is aware of the action man toy series, but what happens when Action Man leaves behind his commision for Civilian life?
Civvie-Street Action Man comes in many different guises.....
Insurance Sales Man (Comes with suitcase <detachable>, a three piece suit, a Vauxhall Vectra... with a suit hung up in the back, and Mobile Phone)
Street Bum-Man (Comes with authentic "bum" clothes, a straggly beard <detachable>, and a bottle of cheap wine.
Security Guard-Man (Comes with natty uniform, Walkie-Talkie, Beer-Belly, and an over inflated Ego)
Bouncer-Man, (Comes with authentic bouncer Badge, Crew Cut, Large Attitude Suit, and Criminal record)
These are just the first four models to come out, we can enlarge the sphere as we go.
The advantage of Civvi_Street Action Man is that he can interact with all the other toys such as Barbie, Ken, and Cindy, which previously would have been very out of character for him. All models may be interchangeable so that Civvie-Stree Action Man can easily change between lifestyles. We can also add the pull-talk cord on the back (originally found in the First Action Man series) and add suitable phrases for each lifestyle! Roll up Roll up Civvie-Street Action Man going for a Song!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 02 2001

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       I believe Action Man has signed up to be an air marshal now. Isn't that what's happening to all the ex-seals who failed on their last psych evaluation?
sdm, Oct 03 2001

       I did a superficial search for 'village people' to find dolls (*M hm … I meant action figures) and turned up bumpkis. I guess in this case, no interest equals demand. Have a croissant down at the local, friend.
reensure, Oct 03 2001


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