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Clamping Dance Training Shoes

connected at the toes
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When one is learning to dance with a partner, it is imperative to follow the feet of the leader. I think an adjustable clamp that secures the toe of each shoe to their partner’s shoes would make following the steps much easier. Once learned the clamps can be removed and the partners will dance as one.
xandram, Aug 24 2007

One and Two Half Pants One_20and_20Two_20Half_20Pants
I think these would be great with clamping shoes for a sort of boot-scooting dance or similar [froglet, Aug 24 2007]

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       as long as one of them starts off cross legged to add to the fun +
xenzag, Aug 24 2007

       Imagines shoe clamps and a shoe clamper waving a £50 penalty fine in order to release the toes.
skinflaps, Aug 24 2007

       These would be super fun when matched with 'One and Two-Half Pants' (linky).
froglet, Aug 24 2007

       I also thought of magnetic toes, but they would have to be real strong magnets.
xandram, Aug 24 2007


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