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One and Two Half Pants

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The right leg of these pants stops above the knee, like shorts. The left pant leg extends to the foot but has an extra half pant leg (from thigh to foot) attached to it with a short elastic strap on the side.

Invite one or more friends with One and Two Half Pants to hook up with you. Each person on the left inserts the right leg into the-person-on-the-right’s extra half pant leg, Velcro-fastening it to the shorts leg.

A group can connect their pants to walk abreast, out of step, or build a closed circle for dancing or drinking. A pair in two and four half pants can hitch themselves together face-to-face for close quarters pastimes.

FarmerJohn, Mar 11 2005

(???) sketch http://www.geocitie...oneandtwohalf.html?
[FarmerJohn, Mar 11 2005]

A Description of the Codex http://www.io.com/~iareth/codindx.html
Link to a site describing the Codex Seraphinus [Soterios, Mar 11 2005]


       What were you doing when you thought of this [FJ]?
wagster, Mar 11 2005

       //What were you doing when you thought of this // Just the usual happy, happy thoughts, I imagine. [+] Another sure-fire winner.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 11 2005

       Are you exploring the wonders of mycology and the culinary arts at the same time, FJ? Because you sometimes have such strange ideas. +
DesertFox, Mar 11 2005

       FJ's sketches really are terrific.   

       I wonder if FJ is a fan of the Codex Seraphinus? An unofficial description appears at the web site I added in links.   

       Some of his sketches, of bizarre inventions rendered as if they were the definition of normal behavior and circumstance, remind me of some of the sketches in the codex.
Soterios, Mar 11 2005

       Thanks for the link, Soterios, but now I'm irritated I can't buy the book anywhere. And even if could buy it, apparently I couldn't afford it. (+ for the chain gang pants)
ldischler, Mar 11 2005

       I'm in the same boat, ldischler. It was published in 1984, and I didn't even learn of its existence for another 12 years or so. By then, it was a collector's item, far out of my price range. I've found copies available at rare book sellers for about US$200, well out of my price range. I did get to peruse a copy though, through my local library's interlibrary loan program, for which I was very thankful. A state university had a copy which they loaned to my local public library for me.
Soterios, Mar 11 2005

       Maybe we could invite Luigi Serafini to become a halfbaker?
wagster, Mar 11 2005

       Only if he brings his book.
ldischler, Mar 11 2005

       Absolute lunacy [+]
PauloSargaco, Sep 13 2013

       Isn't this very similar what [xenzag] once proposed to do with bikinis? I wonder which has precedence.
pertinax, Sep 16 2013

       Seeing as how xenzag didn't join until September, I'd say the original is here.
RayfordSteele, Sep 16 2013


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