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Classic Game Controllers w/ USB Connectors

For the best classic gaming experience
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Any modern personal computer has enough horsepower to thoroughly emulate any classic video-game system. However, all those different classic systems have different controller devices, none of which are very similar to common computer peripherals (like keyboards and mice).

I therefore suggest that someone make classic game controllers with a modern touch --each type would plug into a computer's USB port, get whatever minimal power they need from that port, and convert their control-signals into standard USB-protocol signals. The classic console- game getting emulated on the computer would have a patch to interact with the USB port, and get exactly the control-signals, for the game, that it expects to receive.

Naturally, if you want to play a different game from a different game console, you run a different emulator and plug a different controller into the computer's USB port.

Yes, I know that it is easy for a computer to connect to a lot of those ports simultaneously, but think of the clutter, all those different game-controllers on your desk. You can only use one of them at a time! So, really, usually only one needs to be plugged in at a time. Certainly no more than four, if you and three friends are playing a 4-player game (pretty sure no classic game console ever had more than 4 controllers connected at once).

Vernon, May 08 2018


       A difficult one to emulate are the controllers used for the 1980's BBC Computer - this computer had analogue inputs which fed A/D converters which would output a continuously variable number which the programmer could interpret in their code in any way they wanted. Controlling games with true analogue joysticks was so good.
hippo, May 08 2018

       These have existed for over a decade, both as newly-made controllers with USB ports, and as adapters to give old controllers USB interfaces.
mitxela, May 08 2018

       I had no idea that the British Broadcasting Corporation took their gaming so seriously.
RayfordSteele, May 08 2018

       They've been obsessed by it for years ... so much so that now they live in their own little virtual world.
8th of 7, May 08 2018

       // pretty sure no classic game console ever had more than 4 controllers connected at once //   

       The PS2 had a "multi-tap" that let you connect more controllers, though I think it only had two ports built in. I feel like there was something similar for the GameCube, though, which had four ports built in.
notexactly, May 10 2018


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