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dawn of the dead game

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I saw the movie, Dawn of the Dead, and it kicked ass!!!! I mean zombies left and right, now if we could harness that awesomeness and put into a game it would be awesome!!! Now I'm not saying we base the game's storyline on the movie's, it should be a different one. Take a big city, stick it with thousands of zombies, give it indoor locations, and a whole bunch of weapons and vehicles, and you have one kick ass game! I think the only people that could pull this off would have to be Rockstar. And I know this is probably not necessary, but they should have a fully customizable character, so you can make your own zombie killing badass!!!! Now I know this sounds like Resident Evil, but the huge locations, customizabiIity, vehicle driving is what changes it, and it would have to be dawn of the dead for rockstar to make it. Now please tell me what's wrong or right with this. I need feedback!!!!!!!
headcase, Aug 07 2004


       Too many exclamation points is what's wrong with it. I appreciate your enthusiasm but you're coming off a bit... foamy.
5th Earth, Aug 08 2004

       im sorry ive been drinking alot of pepsi and have been watching alot of action films
headcase, Aug 08 2004

       Another awesomely cool thing would be if this were, like, an idea and stuff!
bpilot, Aug 08 2004

       It sounds like a great idea, but it won't play well. It would just be another generic FPS. You'd need objectives, a proper story. Going around and killing things is fun, but believe me, it does get old. Just try any of the Serious Sam games.   

       It would need more depth. You could have a squad of zombie killers, with mixed backgrounds. One of them can be an ex-Special Forces member, another can be a cop, etc. And then you need missions. An example might be something like this. One day while scouting you find a gathering of zombies, since there are so many of them close together they are easier to hit. You'd offer the player several choices. One would be to order your group into a Humvee, drive them there and you'd start shooting at the zombies. You'd get overruned, and you'd have to escape. Another method would be to sneak into the zombie area and place some explosives, then detonate the explosives. To win the game you'd have to exterminate the zombies, all of them. It wouldn't be a linear story, instead open ended. You choose what to do, when you want to do it. Add some proper AI, good controls, decent graphics, and you've got yourself a great game. Unfortunatley this one won't be made because developers are afraid of new ideas and are happy with making recycled crap because people are fools and they'll buy them anyway.   

       Oh, and Rockstar? Why Rockstar? They haven't made any shooters that I can think of. Sure GTA is great but it's not a shooter.
tisl, Aug 08 2004


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