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all-in-one-game system

able to play x-box/ps2/ps1/dreamcast/super nintendo/ game cube ect
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I am one of those people with a x-box, ps1 and 2, a game cube, a dreamcast, a super nintendo, and nintendo 64. now i like games on all of these systems and the thought of geting rid of one is horible!! so my dream is to have a system that could play them all. Now it would be big having all of the different cartrige games but a lot of them run on a disk of sorts. the controllers would have an adaptor for each diferent game system and would have every thing that comes with each system internet suport (x-box) and all the different joy sticks and other variouse controler options. It wouldnt be cheap and not much of a space saver but it would get rid of the consoles. Im just a 14 year old kid with this crazy idea so details are limited.
John_R_123, Feb 09 2004

An Emulator for a bunch of old games http://www.consoleclassix.com
It has NES and ATARI for free. SNES, Genesis, and Gameboy cost monies though. [Chickenbreadthe1st, Jun 27 2005]


       I suspect that the Japanese already have this on their mobile phones.   

       Fish? Don't mind if I do.
PainOCommonSense, Feb 09 2004

       its allways the japanese why!!! do thay think of it first lol
John_R_123, Feb 09 2004

       Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo don't get along this well.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 11 2004

       Aaah, the days of NeoGeo ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 11 2004

       why pay thousands fro multiple systems and games? all the fun you could ever want you can get from a sunny summer day, a pack a firecrackers, some lighter fluid, matches, model buildings, a bunch of plastic army men and friends.
Space-Pope, Feb 11 2004

       sure......MODEL buildings.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 11 2004

       Because the XBOX has a hard drive and an operating system on it you can play almost every console game made if you get the mod chip for the xbox and increase the hard drive size. Look up xbox mod chip.....   

       I have games from Sega, N64, Super Nintendo, reg Nintendo and a bunch of arcade games on mine.   

       OR, get an emulator and use your computer. Look that up too....
SystemAdmin, Feb 11 2004

       Just build a MAME cabinet.
fperkins, Feb 11 2004

       cool but playin' all this on the computer doesnt sound fun. but ye X-box is quit a powerful system.   

       firecrackers are dangerous!!!!
John_R_123, Feb 13 2004

       I put up that emulator for all you people who might feel like using it. And it really isn't as fun as it was on the actual consoles, but hell, you're playin' 'em!
Chickenbreadthe1st, Jun 27 2005

       It's cool except discs scratch so do us all a favor if you actually make it make sure they're all on these cartriges you can get from japan
technomaster, Jun 27 2005

       You could just buy a large box and put all your consoles in it, with appropriate holes cut in the sides.   

       Incidentally, the above description is baked.
5th Earth, Jun 27 2005

       This is baked in every sense of the word. The only thing that isn't baked is that this isn't manufactured commercially.   

       And please, for the love of deity, learn to spell.
Acme, Jun 29 2005

       I would love to see this happen. But it won't. The bottom line is the different systems are run by different companies and there is no way they can all come together and make a system that plays eachother's games. It would be like Microsoft and Apple coming together and making a combined PC/MAC. It would be cool for a consumer but from a business standpoint it doesn't make sense.
billybob5982, Jun 15 2006

       Just tape them all neatly together and hit them with a coat of bitchin' spray paint.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 16 2006

       Who hasn't had this idea? And well, it's not quite an idea, anyway. Baked in the form of emulators.   

       The reason this isn't sold is because of copyright and trademark laws. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are businesses. They don't want to share, they want to control. Thus, seperate systems all vying for the attenition of addicts like me who will buy them all, even if the 360 has absolutely no games worth playing WHY DID I SPEND $400 ARGH THIS TOPIC MAKES ME ANGRY I SHOULD JUST STOP.
notmarkflynn, Jun 16 2006

       John should feel lucky. I've never owned a nintendo, xbox, ps2. etc. the only thing we ever had was an old game boy with 2 or 3 games. we have a computer now that works okay, but I'm not allowed to put any games on it, and I can't afford them anyway...
BJS, Jun 16 2006

       Don't let them suck you in. You'll only regret it. Find a more active, less expensive hobby, trust me.
notmarkflynn, Jun 17 2006


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