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Classical Air Guitar Contest

Can't you play ?
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Don't worry, come to the Classical Air Guitar Contest just with your bare hands and share the glory of Paco de Lucia, Christopher Parkening , David Russell, among many others.

(Take your own stool, footstool, and classical guitar recording. Suit not mandatory)

[fix]: Changed classic for classical


piluso, Mar 12 2013

Prior "art" : http://usairguitar.com/
[piluso, Mar 12 2013]


       Do you mean Classical Air Guitar Contest? or Classic Air Guitar Contest, like Classic Coke?
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 13 2013

       Oh, my limited language.... it's classical :-) .Thanks [sqeaketh]. I tried to imagine an Air Guitar contest, where the performer will adopt poses and gestures like classical (spanish) guitar players. Entering to the scenario with pomp, greet the audience, wait for silence and start the playback. It can't be worst than the rock version.
piluso, Mar 13 2013

       In that case, [+]!
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 13 2013

       I'd like to see an entire air symphony orchestra, or air marching band.
hippo, Mar 13 2013

       Gabriella & Rodrigo...
normzone, Mar 13 2013

       I've also fancied a bit of air bass guitar in my time. However I've avoided taking this further as I fear the bass techniques of slaps, pops, thumps, pluck and picks would be too subtle for the usual expectation of cart wheeling, tongue wagging air (rock) guitar aficionados. This would be a similar case for classical guitar. May I suggest that any such contest would be backed by big screens to pick up the subtler close up detail without the editing being too flashy as to alienate the more refined audience.
SrTronosco, Mar 23 2013


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