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Cleaning gloves

Gloves with nails & scrubbers
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Aren't fingernails great. Scrubbing the roasting tray, a saucepan with burnt-on food... or cleaning kitchen surfaces. There's always a little bit of grime that is best tackled with a fingernail scrape to get it off.

I wonder if we evolved fingernails just for cleaning. No other animal has them - they have claws or hooves or such, which all have distinct functions. But primates (as far as I know) are the only animals with fingernails. Probably mutual grooming - removing parasites etc. - there might be an interesting bit of research that links the evolution of fingernails with brain development and social interaction.

Anyway - about these gloves.

These are just like normal household rubber gloves but have built-in fingernail-like blades of tough plastic at their tips, to get at that little bit of dirt more easily. Maybe with an embedded abrasive. Additionally, little scrubber-like pads on the fingers - ideally replaceable - to scrub with.

That's all.

Frankx, Sep 20 2021

Not entirely dissimilar to... Scrub-a-Dub_20Spud_20Gloves
[hippo, Sep 20 2021]

Rubber gloves with fingernail https://gbr.grandad...tent=All%20products
Weird - might be baked! [hippo, Sep 20 2021]

how about some claws? https://www.amazon....-994813542146&psc=1
[xandram, Sep 20 2021]

designer nails… not for cleaning!! https://eshop.adrie...-gloves-with-nails/
[xandram, Sep 20 2021]

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       Could have those green scouring pads fitted to the knuckles (I find it easier to scrub hard with clenched fist rather than finger tips). Then they could double as hallowe'en outfits as well.
pocmloc, Sep 20 2021

       I'd like a pair with an adapter for threading needles. Also, a thimble. [+]
pertinax, Sep 20 2021

       I wear gloves in the lab for... lab reasons and the fingernail inhibiting nature of the nitrile gloves we wear is irritating. It's surprising how often we manipulate small objects with just the end of a nail. I think it's because small/light things can stick to skin, but the hard smooth nail not so much. So it'd be great to replicate it on a glove.
bs0u0155, Sep 20 2021


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