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Clear Halfpipes

Fit more spectators in at the next extreme sports show!
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Have a clear, maybe plexy glass, half pipe so that people could watch the trick biker/skateboarder do there tricks from an interesting view point. The promoter could sell more seats and the people that buy the seats would see tricks all around them.
Rexaldo, Dec 21 2002

Picture of a half-pipe http://www.grover.n...ges/skateboard.html
For agulesin. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       This would be fun. For the first few runs anyway. Any thoughts on how to keep it from getting scratched to the point of opacity?
half, Dec 21 2002

       great idea. here is a croissant. are you talking about bellingham, washington?
zpprhed, Dec 21 2002

       nevermind, yes it is bellingham. nice
zpprhed, Dec 21 2002

       [half] You'd probably have to have something akin to a Zamboni come in and polish the surface of the plastic every so often, to avoid scratches ruining the view. There are fine abrasive pastes that are designed to polish plastics, they are often used when refurbishing cell phones and other devices with displays for resale.
krelnik, Dec 21 2002

       Toothpaste works well to polish plex.
bristolz, Dec 22 2002

       Why are half-pipes straight?   

       I'd have though that a slightly conical half-pipe would give a better audience view and allow more creative use of the kinetic/potential energy balance.
FloridaManatee, Apr 24 2003

       arrange it like the all-around aquariums at seaworld and the like...i'd go! very cool, +
igirl, Apr 24 2003

       Yes I agree, you should have a device for polishing every surface. A maser would do well for that acrylic, but keep the audience away.
sartep, Apr 24 2003

       //Why are half-pipes straight?// Because otherwise they would be half-balls. ??slightly conical?? please define
Worldgineer, Apr 24 2003

       Can somebody tell me what the h**l a "Half-Pipe" is???   

       Is is like a periscope?   

       Please enlighten this poor Brit!
agulesin, May 23 2003

       //Please enlighten this poor Brit!// Go get a job like the rest of us!

To answer you question, a half-pipe is literally that, a "half of a pipe". It is used by skateboarders, bladers (rollerskaters), snowboarders, morris-men to create gravity-defying tricks.
silverstormer, May 23 2003


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