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[This account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004 and has been partially restored from a cached copy. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@halfbakery.com> to reclaim it. ]

FloridaManatee can be contacted at floridamanatee{ASCII64}fastmail.fm

I strongly recommend the whole planet converts to Fastmail. Why? Start with Hotmail, drop everything you hate, add your entire wishlist and a splash of style. That's Fastmail.

My idea backlog; ideas are available on request:

3G phone clip-on videocam (fake image);
Adenosine Tri Phosphate battery (for implants);
Hairdryer keychain (windproof lighter & ducted fan);
HHGTLP (hitchhikers guide to the lonely planet);
Interplanetary G-compensator (gel-damper);
Linear bow (catapult crossbow);

[Aug 16 2003, last modified Dec 27 2002]

(+1) ABS Light
 Activecarbon Tie
(+2) Adaptive fabric
 Airphone SMS
(+1) Allocated Parking
 Audio Lead/Lag Control
(+1) Auto energy boost
(+2) Automated airport buggy
 Baby headstrap
(+2) Barcode Culture
 Bilge Pump Wellies
 Boot Break-in Bot
(+2) Canned Crowd
 Car-Seat Vomit Bag
(+2) Chopstick Fulcrum
 CO2 Egg Gun
 Color-coded 404
(+3) CtrlAltDel Punch Pad
 Cubicle Aircon
 Daterape swizzlestick
(+1) Email shredder
 Facial Ioniser
(+2, -1) Fatherhood
(+2) Flashlight
(-1) Foam Dyke
 Guitar Tutor
(+1) Hi-vis flashing LED
 High-beam dazzler
(+5, -2) Highaltitude windfarm
 Hobo Lottery
(+4) Inflatable Car II
 Insulated Fingers
(+1) Junkmail Stamps
 Karmic Mosquito Trap
 Low-limit PIN
(+12, -2)(+12, -2) Out of phase electric bike
 Perfect handwriting pen
(+2, -1) Pheromone Paintball
 Picnic Ant Strip
(+5, -1) Pinhole Satellite
(+2) Pod Cars
 Pump-up bra
 R/C Pedal Car
(+1) Scratch-proof lens
(+2) Security/Power Ring
(+1) Selective hearing headphones
(+1) Sock covers
 Speaker Pillow for the Deaf
(+1) Staged Moving Walkway
(+1) Stegocamera
 Traffic Meter
 Turtle jacket
(+2) Turtle Scratcher
 Turtle sun bed
(+2) Tusk dye
 Ultrasonic Air Conditioner
 Unidirectional Cooler Box
(+1) UV Graffiti
(+2) Vacuum Cow Catcher II
 Vertical positionable hand-dryer
 Video Tendrils
(+1) View Slot PIN Entry
 Wheel display
(+4, -1) Wind-flywheel combo
 Wind-powered dog whistle
(+5, -1) Windpowered Tunnel Assist
(+1) Zero-G Shopping Cart

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