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CCTV Net Curtains

Spicing up surveillance
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An eloquent idea by [calum] draws from the concept of harnessing the natural curiosity and nosiness of the general population. The busibodies of the state (state of busibodies!?) will watch the footage of myriad CCTV in the search for misconduct.

To help these new guardians of our society make the transition from neighbourhood snoop, I propose that miniature net curtains be draped arround the edges of CCTV cameras. This will make it seem like the viewer is looking out of their living room, empowering the viewer with feelings of local duty and ownership (not in my back yard) as well as spicing it up (oh - I'm snooping on my neighbours!).

Jinbish, Jun 30 2010

Redistribute Distributed Surveillance State Redistributed_20Dis...urveillance_20State
Public involvement in surveillance - Idea by [calum] [Jinbish, Jun 30 2010]

Neighbourhood Watch Couch Potatoes neighbourhood_20watch_20couch_20potatoes
Along same lines as RDSS - and definitely in need of CCTV net curtains [Jinbish, Jun 30 2010]


       Aha, my idea is sufficiently redundant that I will make it into an anno on rrr's idea instead. But yes, v much in favour of net curtains, particularly if there is a mechanism that allows them to be twitched when a Wrong is Spotted, the twitch itself the signal to the authorities.
calum, Jun 30 2010

       No no - keep the idea! There are some great annotations and discussions there. The core may be very similar, but the approach to the idea adds a lot of value.
Don't get rid of it... I'll be watching you!
Jinbish, Jun 30 2010


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