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Click Hole Invaders

Game that teaches you information strategy
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This is a gamification of the process of searching for information online. So in this game you are given a goal, to find some kind of information, and then allowed to search online. Every time you deviate significantly from the algorhythmically determined path, towards s click hole, you will be punished via electric shock or various other incrntivisors. Every time you find information pertaining to the goal you get points, a pornographic reward, eye to eye contact with a member of the opposite sex, a vocalized "good job!" Or fruit.
JesusHChrist, May 30 2015

Justin Hall's early web-based ARG http://gamelayers.com/
Game Layers [white, May 31 2015]

Jesse Schell's Gamepocolypse http://library.fora...f_the_Gamepocalypse
on FORA.TV [white, May 31 2015]


       Who isn't a fan of outrageous gamification ideas? and this one is as halfbaked as they come. So, of course I enjoyed this but until the essence of the idea ("algorithmically determined path") is explained, no bun.   

       FYI - a related idea is Justin Hall's early web game-ARG- thing.   

       Also for fellow fans of horrifyingly plausible hypergamification, Jesse Schell's Gamepocolypse is a must-see.
white, May 31 2015

       I believe that the notion of the occasional brief glimpse of tit or romantic seeming eye contact will be motivational to any extent is indicative of a prepubescent level of sexual sophistication.
WcW, May 31 2015


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