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Endurance sport for those who can't be arsed to leave the sofa
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lastonestanding.com gives you the chance to win cash prizes just by sitting at your computer. For a long time.

Competitors log onto the website and compete in endurance events against 999 others. An entry fee of £2 is charged per competitor.

As the competition commences, each player has to confirm their attendance when prompted by the web page. This occurs randomly, but with no gap greater than 2 minutes between two prompts. To eradicate cheating, competitors will use the fingerprint reader built into their laptop (or buy an external one) to swipe confirmation of their attendance.

If a competitor misses a prompt and does not swipe their finger within 2 seconds of that prompt, they are out of the competition.

The winner is the last person standing (or sitting). They win £1,000.

I keep the other £1,000, and everyone's happy.

jtp, Nov 12 2009

Touch The Truck http://en.wikipedia...iki/Touch_the_Truck
[calum, Nov 12 2009]


blissmiss, Nov 12 2009

       I wonder how long people can stand for? Just stand still. Competition in which standers stand to stand for the longest time. Stand.
theleopard, Nov 12 2009

       In addition to the fingerprint scanner and to allay the fears of [21], I suggest a webcam and for the random prompt to contain an instruction for the competitor to pose...
As a tiger! <Growl> ...

       As a teapot! <here's my handle, here's my XXXX> Erk!   

Jinbish, Nov 12 2009

       [calum], I remember reading a Charlie Brooker rant about Touch the Truck. Brilliant.
theleopard, Nov 12 2009

       I suppose it would help to have a lappy and wifi. Then I needn't rush through the bog for my morning grinder.
bdag, Nov 12 2009

       What 21 Q said, and what Jinbish said.   

       The fingerprint scanner doesn't help to protect against cheating (in general, biometrics aren't secure unless you and a unbribe-able guard are in the same physical space as the biometric scanner), but the posing would - and actually make the whole thing rather interesting to watch. In a trashy, voyeuristic, car-crashy way.   

       Do you realize we've stumbled onto a whole new genre here? Gameshows with participants on webcam. I'm sure we'll see more of that in the future.
jutta, Nov 12 2009

       what did 21 say and why has it been deleted?   

       ok. my miss. I found the answer on Answers.
pashute, Jan 13 2016


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