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Automata Climbing Wall

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I've been developing an idea for a submission to an international sculpture biennial, and Automata Climbing Wall is a sort of close relative to the main piece.

It's a variation on those gymnasium climbing walls, only instead of the multi-coloured knobs, which act as hand and feet holds, being firmly anchored to the one spot, these ones can leap out. Not only can the knobs spring out, but the entire surface, or sections of the wall can be in motion to varying degrees.

A control panel enables various options to be exercised from minimal motion of just some of the holds, right through to wild and unpredictable jerks, almost guaranteed to dislodge all but the most determined and experienced climber.

When not being used as a climbing wall, the surface can be left active, to entertain and delight as a motion based sculptural installation.

xenzag, Jan 06 2012

http://api.ning.com...OrxQOOqX8-/wall.jpg Climbing wall - detailed view of static knobs [xenzag, Jan 06 2012]

http://vertical-infinity.com/start.htm [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 06 2012]


       Like it [xenzag]. Not too bothered about the arty side of it, but I reckon if all the holds moved slowly and steadily, it would make for a great and flexible climbing challenge.
theleopard, Jan 06 2012

       So nothing about a clockwork robot climber, then?
RayfordSteele, Jan 06 2012

       Not directly related, but do climbing wall treadmills exist?
MechE, Jan 06 2012

       Yes. [link]   

       Wow. What a creative, interesting way to sustain multiple compound fractures.
Alterother, Jan 06 2012

       Yep - should have called it the Have-Breakery Wall.
xenzag, Jan 06 2012

       Bun for that.
Alterother, Jan 06 2012


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