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Hard Case for Clip-on Sunglasses
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Folks like me who wear prescription eyeglasses don't have the luxury of buying any old pair of sunglasses. Instead, we use clip-on sunglasses, which in the best case are manufactured specifically for our eyeglasses. For example, see the accompanying links for some Nautica clip-ons similar to the ones I wear.

Clip-ons in this class range from $80-200. Fancier clip-ons feature polarized lenses and magnetic attachment points. Despite their high cost and model specific nature, clip-ons typically come with a cheap flexible vinyl case. If you carry your clip-ons in your pocket (as I do), the clip-ons are subject to lots of stress, and typically break after a year or so of abuse.

30-cent bananas have custom plastic cases (see link). So why not $100 clip-on eyeglasses? Someone should manufacture a low-profile hard-plastic case, approximately the right size for clip-ons, with a little internal foam to keep them immobile and safe from scratches.

AndrewGHo, Jun 01 2005

Clip-ons 1 http://www.framesdi...ewear-thpdt/lb.html
Example Nautica clip-on sunglasses (URL 1) [AndrewGHo, Jun 01 2005]

Clip-ons 2 http://www.apairofs...rames/frdetails.htm
Example Nautica clip-on sunglasses (URL 2) [AndrewGHo, Jun 01 2005]

BananaGuard http://www.bananaguard.com/
Protect your precious banana [AndrewGHo, Jun 01 2005]

Hard Clip-On Case, $5 http://www.debspecs...p-on_Cases__P52.cfm
Available for Large 2 3/4x 6 x3/4 or Small 2 1/4x5 1/2x3/4Glasses. [jutta, Jun 05 2006, last modified May 26 2008]

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       I say this is redundant by the much better invention that makes your glasses turn dark when the light shines on them. The more light the darker they get.   

       Also: peril sensitive sunglasses as worn by zaphod Beeblebrox are much better than this. So bone for you.
zeno, Jun 01 2005

       zeno: photosensitive lenses aren't as effective as good clip-ons because they're not polarized. Also, they react to ambient light, not actual glare.   

       They also make you look like a disco-dancing 70's hipster.
AndrewGHo, Jun 03 2005


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