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Clipboard Preview Key Command

Have a look at what's on the clipboard.
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So earlier today, I got an email. This happens sometimes. In it was a tracking number of a parcel. Unusually, there was no email link and I was forced to copy&paste the number into the appropriate box on the appropriate website.

Move to later in the day, and I want to see if my parcel has left Atlanta. Now, is the tracking number still on my clipboard from earlier? or did I copy and paste something different in the intervening period? Can't remember. So... If there was a key command that showed me what was on the clipboard in a nice preview way, I could check, and avoid all the tedious re-opening of emails and all the drudgery that this involves.

That's it. Just a way of quickly looking at the contents of the clipboard, text, picture, whatever.

bs0u0155, Dec 07 2013


       Please tell me. For windows especially.
bs0u0155, Dec 08 2013

       OSX has a "show clipboard" function, though this isn't implemented within most programs.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2013


       "Ditto" is pretty good. Thank you. It's not quite as glossy and transparent and integrated into Windows as I'd like. MS should get on this.   

       However, this idea is 100% baked, so I'll delete.
bs0u0155, Dec 09 2013

       agh! I like Fences, but for an unknown reason it doesn't play nicely with some custom software I have to use. Shame.
bs0u0155, Dec 09 2013


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