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Clock Contacts

20/20 timepieces
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In the recent trend of customized contact lenses that alter how your eyes look, such as those that completely cover your irises to make it appear as though you have none, I offer a similar product: Clock Contacts.

These are contact lenses that have four layers: Two layers of plastic (or whatever material is used in contact lenses), one layer of tiny clockwork gears, and one layer of outer covering (i.e. the face and hands of the clock.) Each of these layers would have to be incredibly thin in order to comfortably fit over a person's eyes. An alternative to layers is an LCD screen that shows an image of the face and hands, but that would likely be even thicker than multiple layers.

For those who would prefer something other than clock hands, there is also a digital display version available.

Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Mar 27 2003

Clock Contacts http://moniplex.com...ain.php?picture=119
Somewhat creepy looking, now that I think about it... [Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Oct 17 2004]


       sorry -- missing the point but I would prefer to see where I am going rather than the time I arrived.   

       or is my lover timing ...
po, Mar 27 2003

       There's a sci fi story that tangentally features a religious cult that have clocks implanted in their corneas. I'll think of the name in a day or three.
DrCurry, Mar 27 2003

       She still could not believe it was all real. She'd had such a wonderful, fairytale evening, and now it was just the two of them, standing on the balcony with the glare and the din of the party behind them. Cinderella turned to her Prince and gazed deeply into his eyes...   

       "Oh shit! It's almost pumpkin time!"
lostdog, Mar 27 2003

       Here's a challenge: describe the clockwork mechanism you would need for such an item, but don't use the infamous "N" prefix.
krelnik, Mar 27 2003

       I'm afraid I know next to nothing about clockwork and contact lenses, but the idea just sounded so right...
Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Mar 27 2003

       ...and no, that's not me, by the way.
Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Mar 27 2003


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