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Clock wallet

Grind wallet, pour on LCD panel
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I keep seeing ads for minimalist wallets popping up all over my Facebook feed. Most of them are really slick looking, often using aluminum and leather to provide a slim yet sturdy wallet for holding an ID and a few credit/debit/loyalty cards. This shows me that entrepreneurs ARE thinking about wallets in the modern world, but they're also missing out on a real opportunity here.

I recently started using a trifold wallet with a chain, which I really like because I can take the wallet out of my back pocket when I sit down and set it next to me, in a cup holder if I'm in the cab or or on a desk or countertop if I'm inside, and don't have to worry about accidentally walking away from it. Because it snaps closed with buttons, it won't dump the contents if it gets yanked out of the car or off a surface and swings down against my leg. It's great, and I can't believe I just now discovered the utility of such a wallet. This has made me aware of two things, regarding wallets: they can be a great fashion accessory, and they can also be used for a bit more than just carrying stuff.

Browsing the Bakery, I came across the Web Wallet which is interesting, but a bit much for a wallet and had issues with things like privacy and probably durability making the whole thing out of flexible screen material.

Browsing the internet, I came across something called the "Wonder wallet" which is a rigid, aluminum box-type wallet that basically ONLY holds a few cards and has an e-paper display that pairs with a smartphone app to show cool images based on your location, and notifies you if you walk away from it. I like some of the ideas here, BUT it's still too limited for my liking.

What I'd like is a line of chain wallets, could be available in bifold, trifold, ultra-minimalist, etc, with just a narrow LCD panel along the edge of the closure, maybe an inch wide. Some models could have a square or circular display centered on the wallet. It would basically work like those smart cases Samsung and LG offer for their flagship phones, the ones that close over the screen with a cutout showing just a small portion of the phone's display when closed. A clock, an interactive weather display, notifications, maybe just a still photograph. It could come in a cheap, dumbed down version with JUST a clock that'll last a week or more on a charge, or it could pair with a smartphone through Bluetooth with a companion app and function like a smart watch does.

The idea is that when you take your wallet out to sit somewhere, that large square/rectangular surface, in addition to looking nice like a luxury wallet does, could display something useful and maybe help reduce the need to keep one's phone in hand quite so much.

21 Quest, Jun 15 2020

Short Chainger Wallet The_20ShortChainger
[AusCan531, Jun 16 2020]


       Nice! With a tri-fold (or bifold, if you're careful), you could "half open" it, so it sat up, becoming a better display. Like an old-school travel clock.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 15 2020

       That thought occurred to me as well!
21 Quest, Jun 15 2020

       If someone steals, they'll be taking your time instead of their time :-) (+)
xenzag, Jun 15 2020

       That's why I wanted to make it a chain wallet: to prevent theft or loss. Could also possibly have a thumbprint scanner embedded to undo the snap closures.
21 Quest, Jun 16 2020

       <Shameless Churning of my own Post> You could combine the electronic smarts with my own chain wallet idea [link]
AusCan531, Jun 16 2020

       That's great!
21 Quest, Jun 16 2020


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