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For small cash that yuo carry around...

I have recently gotten ahold of a packet of Certs, empty. It is the perfect size for a few folded up bills.

It got me thnking, why not have a mini wallet disguised as a packet of candy/mints. And it could have a compartment for real candy in case they take a look inside. Maybe "Extra-Large Pack" for credit cards.

DesertFox, May 16 2005


       I've always thought the other way around would be better. Carry a bogus wallet with a little cash, a fake ID and some ersatz credit cards to hand over in case of a mugging, with your real wallet secreted in some non-standard location on your person (such as an ankle-wallet-pocket rig).
Soterios, May 16 2005

       I just carry DesertFox's wallet.
Basepair, May 16 2005

       I like the name of the idea but I'd keep searching the wallet for delicious tasty treats and would be all disappointed.
DrBob, May 17 2005

       [DF], I get very very drunk sometimes and go to places where women dance for you if you give them paper marked by someone more important than you. With importance bieng admittedly undefined, but existant only to keep me from drawing outside the lines.   

       In the process, I seem to lose my wallet, as some of these women have discovered my state of mind to be less than cognizant and feel it their god given right to take said wallet and leave me with nothing but my outstanding insanity and strong will to forget. I would take all my papers in one of your cert's packs, and damn myself the next morning for having pieces of Benjamin Franklin in my teeth, and the smell of women on my groin.
daseva, May 17 2005


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