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Anti-RFID Wallet

Woven from metal thread, reflects radio waves
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I acknowledge that a similar Idea is already posted, "Full Metal Wallet" (see link). However, the reason for this is different than the reason for the other, and so is the construction method.

In case you don't know, the latest versions of U.S. currency is being equipped with RFID tags (see link). Big Brother wants to watch you, of course (I suggest that citizens get their own RFID detectors, to watch government officials, of course). People who do not want to be tracked by the cash they carry obviously need an Anti-RFID Wallet.

Any metal container will do, of course, to deflect the snooping radio waves that can activate and cause an RFID tag to respond. A portable metal money-container that is comfortable in your pocket, however, is another matter altogether.

Here we note that different metals have different amounts of ductility and corrosion resistance. Gold is best at the first and close to best at the second -- and in fact actual cloth woven from fine gold fibers has been created in centuries past (see link), and probably is still available today. So, it should be very possible to constuct a wallet from cloth-of-gold, which will have anti-RFID properties and be comfortable in the pocket, too. Not to mention that the idea of a gold wallet to hold cash just seems naturally appropriate.

Still, gold is pretty expensive (and more so when finely worked), so what about using other metals for the cloth? Silver, copper, and aluminum, for example, are not horribly less ductile than gold, but their corrosion-resistance leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, if threads are made from any of these metals and are immediately protected with some sort of coating (gold electroplate?), they might then be woven into useful and less-expensive cloth, for an anti-RFID wallet.

In the future carbon nantubes might also be made into a workable radio-deflective cloth. VERY interesting material, those nanotubes....

Vernon, Aug 19 2005

Full Metal Wallet Full_20Metal_20Wallet
As mentioned in the main text [Vernon, Aug 19 2005]

RFID tags in currency http://www.prisonpl...fidtagsexplode.html
As mentioned in the main text [Vernon, Aug 19 2005]

Cloth of Gold http://reference.al...dia/C/clothgol.html
As mentioned in the main text [Vernon, Aug 19 2005]

About Carbon Nanotubes http://www.pa.msu.e...p/csc/ntproperties/
Just about ready to move from labs to major production [Vernon, Aug 19 2005]

Fastrak http://www.bayareaf...c/about/index.shtml
[oxen crossing, Aug 19 2005]

Baked http://www.blockemf...hp?products_id=5070
[Shz, Aug 19 2005]

Smart Money Smart_20Money
My light-hearted exploration into governmental monitoring of the fiscal system - baked!?? [zen_tom, Aug 19 2005]

Swopes.com - "Cache Point" http://www.snopes.c...ess/money/strip.asp
Claim: The plastic strip embedded in U.S. bank notes enable the Feds to tell how much money you have on you.
Status: False. [phoenix, Aug 20 2005]


       I thought a metalized mylar bag , like the anti-static bags ethernet cards come in) would do the trick as well. At least, that's what the FasTrak (link) folks said when they started tracking all FasTrak transponders for traffic data collection. I don't think FasTrak is actually RFID, but I believe it is similar. (OK, I'm sorry for opening my mouth again when I don't know what I'm talking about, but maybe I'll learn something)   

       [Vernon depth gauge (how far I made it): end of 3rd paragraph]
oxen crossing, Aug 19 2005

       Why not just use any old metal, woven into liner plates, and then wrapped in supple leather?
shapu, Aug 19 2005

       Wouldn't you have to earth the metal liner if you wanted it to act as a Faraday cage?
wagster, Aug 19 2005

       [wagster], no. Remember those angled facets on the Stealth Fighter? Metal directly reflects radio waves, much like a mirror. Certainly it's not earthed while flying! (Of course the trick for Stealth is to not reflect back to the source, but that aspect doesn't matter for a simple shield from prying radio.)
Vernon, Aug 19 2005

Shz, Aug 19 2005

       This is unbelievable - I posted an idea for RFID money here on the bakery earlier this week as a completely ridiculous way of tracking down terrorists, money launderers and other nefarious types, while having the option of watching money flow around your economy providing the benefit of judging the movements of the economy with more precision than is available today.   

       It was not received well. And now I come to realise that this great/hellish evil mastermind of an idea is actually being implemented?   

       Now I really don't know what to think.
zen_tom, Aug 19 2005

       [Shz], maybe, maybe not. Certainly the part of the wallet designed to hold credit cards is shielded, because that's what it advertises. But no mention is made about shielding the part where the bills are put!
Vernon, Aug 19 2005

       Good. Croissant. Also, do you sleep?
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 19 2005

       Well, the wallet is “lined” with RF shielding material, and I’ve never seen a lined wallet only lined in front. But you’re right, I’m making an assumption. The linked company uses steel fiber in the way you describe. They also use silver, nickel, and copper plated nylon. I don’t know which material is used in the wallet. This is likely baked for the most part, but croissant anyway - ‘tis a good idea (for the paraniod).
Shz, Aug 19 2005


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