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Dance Partner House Cleaning

Help around the house
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She glides about the room, her partner reacting to the subtlest signals. The two are as one. Her partner encircles her, glides left and right, in perfect harmony with her every move.

She’s actually just vacuuming the living room. Unlike any ordinary self-propelled vacuum, this one doesn’t move toward and away from the user. A subtle twist of the wrist causes the vacuum to move side to side.

The unit is, in a general sense, similar in appearance to a conventional upright vacuum. This unit however has four drive wheels that propel the unit from side to side and has dual rotating brushes, one at either side of the unit to allow vacuuming close to a wall or other object.

Though this wouldn’t work too well for vacuuming under tables and such, it would be great for those who wish to look or feel graceful while vacuuming open spaces.

half, May 08 2003


       I love to dance while I'm vacuuming and ironing come to that (don't ask<g>) just put on my favourite album Dr Hook:Bankrupt and away I go +1
po, May 09 2003

       My dancing sucks anyway, so this would be ideal. +
friendlyfire, May 09 2003


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