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CoinStar (TM) + Vacuum

Car vacuum that provides extra time when it finds "lost" change.
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For those that have ever been at the car wash and used one of the "pay-for-time" vacuum cleaners, the greatest frustration comes from hearing those tell tale clinks of change, hidden under the seats or in the gaps between the doors and seats, going up the hose. I propose a vacuum attached to a "CoinStar" style sorting machine that would provide additional time for vacuuming, either for that session or produce a receipt with a code for carrying the time over to another cleaning session. (Please refrain from any obvious "this idea sucks!" puns. I think you all can be a little more creative than that. Thanks)
(mans)laughter, May 16 2008


       I'd quite like it if the machine would just give me my change back.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2008

       Maxwell, wouldn't that make way too much sense to be halfbaked? But of course you're right it could do that too. Or instead.
(mans)laughter, May 16 2008

       that's a horribly funny username you chose.[+]
pashute, Jul 02 2013

       this idea sucks!   

       I can resist anything, except tempura.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2013

       This idea depends on a difference in air pressure between two zones. And coins. And a car. Although it might be a house, as they also have doors and seats. But, I'm taking that as read.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2013

doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2013

       And one with an extra-long hose for vacuuming out the howdah after a brisk mornings tiger-hunting?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 05 2013


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