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Close Your Window

A phone activated window closing device
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On summer days, I usually open my windows. I also usually leave the house while the windows are open. Unfortunately, sometimes I'm not home when it rains, and I'll come home to wet stuff.

I think that there should be a device that is wired to your window that is a motor that is activated by a simplified cell phone. then, if you're out and it starts to rain, you phone your window, and it closes. I should note that it will only close the window, so that random people can't go opening your windows. As for robbers, well, I already lleave the window open, but I live on the second floor.

schematics, May 16 2004

Wintrol Window Controls http://www.wintrol.com/controlsopt
For the Do-It-Yourselfer: A complete guide for making your windows and skylights self operating according to weather conditions. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Window roller-upper http://www.halfbake...ndow_20roller-upper
The opposite of the window pusher-downer. (Okay, not really) [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       //A phone activated window closing device//   

       I would think that a phone activated device would have limited value since weather patterns vary so greatly within a metropolitan area, and presumably you are not immediately adjacent to the window to be able to determine the conditions in the neighborhood. You might, instead, consider using the same type of rain sensor that automatic irrigation systems use to deactivate the system (or, alternatively, activate your window closing mechanism) when there is moisture present. That way, the system is entirely localized and you don't have to be bothered at all. (link)
jurist, May 17 2004

       agree with [jurist] that a sensor built into the window is a more elegant solution to the specific problem you describe, but there could be other reasons to control the function remotely. i would imagine that existing wifi tech would make it feasible. good idea (+).
xclamp, May 17 2004

       I couldn't find anything that suggested this feature in a 'smart home' was baked. So +, in that regard.   

       If it was implemented, you would probably need to consider a safety feature to handle obstacles. I can see the family cat being intrigued by the moving window and not being too pleased with you when you get home.
Lacus Trasumenus, May 17 2004

       A "smart home" does not require the telephone interface to tell its windows to come in from the rain.
jurist, May 17 2004

       didn't we do this before? - I seem to remember worrying about the cat who was unfortunately between outside and inside at the time!
po, May 17 2004

       Fair enough [jurist]... but there might be times when you want to close the window for other reasons... ("sound-triggered window closer" is up there on the right).
Lacus Trasumenus, May 17 2004

       Good. No, great!
DesertFox, May 17 2004

       A rain triggered system would be good, but if it's a really short rain, followed by more hot weather, you might want to leave it open. Also, what about if you leave your sprinkler on? still, good idea
schematics, May 17 2004

       I think I recognise you Braubeaton, you're in the cell next door to mine. How did you get all those priveliges?
Harry Mudd, May 19 2004

       What po said, mind us kats.
The Kat, May 19 2004


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