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Electric House Windows

Electric House Windows that can be programmed.
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Electric House Windows, like electric car windows, with a master control panel in the bedroom, and cellphone access.

It is a beautiful summer morning and 60 degrees outside, and still 75 degrees inside, so you open the windows and put in a fan while you get ready for work. Then you have to leave. So you miss out on a lot of free cool air.

With electric windows and some sensors, you could program the windows to lock in an ajar setting, too small to get through. Then you could leave the windows open all night, and still open when you leave for work.

When the temperature outside rises to match the temperature inside, they will close and lock again. They would also close if it clouds up and starts to rain onto the inner windowsill.

These windows could be tied in with a "whole house" exhaust fan, which would shut off if all of the windows close.

Shooter, Apr 05 2005


       Excellent way to collect free solar dust on all your possessions for inspection later, in life?
mensmaximus, Apr 05 2005

       What UB said.
DrCurry, Apr 05 2005


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