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Clothes Hanger Steamer

A clothes hanger that steams your clothes as they hang.
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Your clothes are wrinkled and you are lazy. If only you had the will to get up off the floor, undress and hang your clothes they would look presentable again later in the week.

As you lay there, moaning, barely able to lift your chest for an inhalation of fresh air, you remember how excited you were about the Clothes Hanger Steamer you purchased with the hope of it improving your life and your appearance.

Assembly of the hanging unit was facilitated by the brief period of mania that accompanied the excitement of the purchase, however, since then you haven't been able to muster enough energy to actaully hang anything at all.

If you did you would have marvelled at how, at the flick of a switch, the water boils in the heating reservoir and rises through the hanging structure into the detachable hangers and out its steam valves, which blast the clothes with hot mist. Oh, how fresh and wrinkle-free your shirt would be on one of these hangers the following day. But you just lay there, pantsless and stinking, contemplating a wank.

schmendrick, Sep 09 2005

Clothes Hanger Steamer http://www.hammache...promo=QSearch&ls=BS
The current Holiday Preview Hammmacher Schlemmer catalog pictures this Commercial Steamer for USD $199.95. The aluminum hanging mechanism holds both the clothes on a hanger and the ergonomic steam head. [jurist, Sep 09 2005]


       [schmendrick], You got your Hammacher Schlemmer catalog in the mail today, didn't you? [link]
jurist, Sep 09 2005

       I just can't find it but this idea (as i read it) is baked. It is a torso which blows hot, moist air throught the shirt which is on it and works like a regular ironing device only you don't have to do anything. Except push the button offcourse.
Susan, Sep 12 2005

       Susan: we had some links to that recently on another similar idea (drying clothes in the right shape).
DrCurry, Sep 12 2005

       a torso do you say? do they come in both sexes? it sounds hot anyway. This idea isn't exactly for a torso but a steamer coat hanger combination... think hollow plastic coathanger with holes in it to let steam out. however, you probably understood that from the get-go and were just offering me an FYI... so, thanks.
schmendrick, Sep 12 2005


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