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Coat hanger

a wedge to hang the coat anywhere big-wall style
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For some reason, most public restrooms seem to have no coat hanger. I therefore propose a thin rubber-wedge on the coat-tab/coat-tag (?) that can be used to hang your coat (also works on backpacks) to the doorframe-slit.

The rubber wedge is, as stated, flat, and can be folded along the long axis to accomodate for broader frame slits.

loonquawl, Mar 27 2009

Wedge (Nut) http://www.climbing...isting/item7505.asp
Somewhat like this, but made from rubber, flatter and possibly cheaper [loonquawl, Mar 27 2009]


       A hangar not a plane doth make
loonquawl, Mar 27 2009

       I think that coats should have the hanger built into them and just stick them on the wall!
xandram, Mar 27 2009

       Wear a leather bike jacket, then you can just drop it on the floor (and people tend to treat you with a bit more respect).   

       Good idea though [+].
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 27 2009


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