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Clothes Shrinkage Database

Website to report clothes shirinkage
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In my formative years, clothes drying was achieved by hanging the required garments on a line. Eventually, by sheer chance*, you would happen upon them in a dry state.

In the colonies, they have too much coal, oil and tree. So, they burn them, to produce heat, then steam, then wibbly- wobbly electron movements. In many homes there is a device designed specifically to take carefully prepared electron movements and use them to produce heat to evaporate water, for a second time! imagine That!!

Anyhow, they all shrink your clothes. So, get a website, people register how much their shirt has shrunk in the drier. The next person may then buy a correspondingly larger version of the same shirt. So after the drier is done, it fits.

You have to upload to get access for a few weeks/months, and there's probably scope for a forum where people can swap stuff.

*Macclesfield experiences rain 641 times per year, but if you keep rolling the dice, you'll hit the perfect storm that is 5 consecutive hours without rain.

bs0u0155, Sep 03 2013




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