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Clothes Dryer Heat Exchanger

Reuse clothes dryer exhaust to heat house
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Reuses electric clothes dryer heat to warm basement! No dust--no moisture to cause mold. Completely sealed system.

Device uses a 55 gal. used drum (held machine oil), 13 2-liter soda pop bottles filled w/ water, 1 blown bike inner tube, 40" of window sealing strip, 3' of foam pipe insulation, 2 coffee cans, 2 8' 4'' sections of flexible ductwork, 1 25' 3'' piece of flexible ductwork, 3 temperature probes, 1 35 degree celcius temperature switch (NO), 2 3" to 4" duct converters, 4 machine screws, 1 rectangular to circular duct converter, and one old mainframe cooling fan (50-70 cfm.)

Don't attempt to try this with a gas dryer---you will die! My apologies for poor video quality. Next video will have data.

http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=FUfaf8sPJHU

Would like feedback!

Monty6, Mar 03 2012

Very good. http://www.youtube....watch?v=FUfaf8sPJHU
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 03 2012]

From 2008... https://www.youtube...watch?v=hilZKO-29VM
...and probably not the earliest instance [a1, Jul 28 2021]


       cool... well "warm"... you might want to move it into an HB category since it doesn't belong on the site as an unfulfilled idea. Will look at the vide when I get a minute.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2012

       Haven't we done this one already?
Alterother, Mar 03 2012

       I like it a lot. I don't have much to add but It gives me an idea.   

       I was all set to welcome you but you're already a lifer...   

       I remember now, it was something about cooling the fridge with reclaimed heat from the dryer.   

       As you were.
Alterother, Mar 03 2012

       Stumbled upon while researching something else. But this idea has been around for much longer than Monty6's post. There's at least one on youtube <linked> that predates his by a few years, and I recall seeing similar ones even longer ago than that.
a1, Jul 28 2021


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