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coin sorting dryer

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I think that next to the lint trap in the dryer there should be a trap that collects all the coins that fall out of your laundry and the trap should be labeled "Sock Fund" and will be used to purchase new socks to replace those lost in the laundry process. The trap should automatically sort the coins and put then into paper tubes. The base of each fin inside the dryer should have a slot which will allow the coins to pass out of the tumbling chamber and then fall into a hopper below and get funneled to the front where the sorting / rolling device would be.
RBStimers, Mar 01 2005


       Nice. A recent sock-disappearance of mine was solved when my mother sent me a package that would have been considered surreal by normal standards. It contained a single sock...
squeak, Mar 01 2005

       Good idea. Welcome.   

       the summary is a better title than the title!
po, Mar 01 2005

       [squeak] Did it appear in her dryer? This may be a confirmed occurance of dryer sock teleportation that has been assumed to exist since the invention of dryers.
Worldgineer, Mar 01 2005

       Hmmm, [worldengineer]. That would certainly explain how all my nice thick socks end up in my fella's drawer, stretched out of all hope.
squeak, Mar 01 2005

       That single sock is a starter kit for getting a new sock drawer going.
normzone, Mar 01 2005

       yep, nice one.
skinflaps, Mar 01 2005


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