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Clothes Washer and Dryer

Washes the clothes AND dries them
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Wouldn't it be nice to put in a load before work and have it dry when you come home? I'm thinking the machine could do both or maybe a chute that hooks the washer to the dryer and it dumps the load in there when it's done washing.
fence, Jul 31 2000

WD 1000 Washer Dryer http://www.malberusa.com/wd1000.html
I have one of these (and I'm in the USA) -- hooks up to the sink in my apartment. The trade off is that the loads are quite small. [koobatz, Jul 31 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Very well baked. Almost every washing machine manufacturer makes one of these (probably not US washing machine manufacturers - all US washing machines seem terrible after using European machines). You can't wash a full load though as the drier isn't powerful enough to dry a full load.
hippo, Jul 31 2000

       I believe evertime i do a load of wash, take the clothes out of the washer, and drop something on the floor on the way to the dryer, this very concept has popped into my head. Perhaps there isnt a market big enough for to sell to Americans, great idea though.
memagilq, Aug 24 2000


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