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Dimension stabiliser

Maintain a healthy sock-count
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The basic design is a sock, but not just plain cotton! It's attached to a carbon-fibre wire which can then be anchored to something substantial, say your home foundation, or a large tree. That way, when dimensions inside the tumbledrier begin to warp, and the doorway into that other place opens, your socks remain in this one. This idea could easily be implemented for plectrums and travel tickets too.

My only concern is we're uncertain as to the attractive force of this dimensional wormhole, and we might end up pulling our own planet through it.

runonthespot, Oct 11 2002


       Do you think this would work for luggage at the airport?   

       More importantly, would it work for the chuck keys for electric drills ?
8th of 7, Oct 11 2002

       Hmm.. socks, electric drill chuck keys and airport luggage go into this other dimension... what comes out?   

       Teaspoons left in the sink after dishes have been washed and belly-button fluff!
Jinbish, Oct 11 2002

       Good idea ..... hang on, where's my lighter got to ? I'm sure it was here a moment ago .... or maybe it's in my jacket. Or I left it in the car. Damn thing's always vanishing, you'd almost think there was a conspiracy to steal lighters or something.
8th of 7, Oct 11 2002

       you weirdo!!!! just get a book on memorization! sc*** those dimensions by remembering where you are!
digiardillo, Oct 12 2002

       Also, Jin, biros, paper clips, that important piece of paper I was carrying around 5 minutes ago and, occasionally, money all vanish into this parallel universe. I'm waiting to go there myself just so I can answer your question.
PeterSilly, Oct 12 2002

       WOOHOO!!!! nowt like a good old fashioned heretic burning to stir the emotions.
kaz, Oct 12 2002

       Aren't carbon fibers useful in lieu of razors as well? I'd imagine placing any number of these into a typical tumble drier or spin washer would be highly undesirable, as all your garments would be shredded into that fluff you find under wardrobes.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 02 2007

       Better yet, let's put bombs in the washers! They'll either blow up the machines (I don't care), or they'll go into the alternate dimension and blow up the sock-stealers. Unless they're innocent. In which case, we blame Al-Qaeda.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 03 2007


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