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Clothes Web

Distinctive outdoor clothes drying rack
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The umbrella type outdoor clothes line has the form of a giant spider web. The minimal aluminum frame is strung with silk thread lines at ample intervals to solar dry a load of washing.

Its realistic appearance is bolstered by the frame’s central, black, eight-legged support and its 30 bug-body clothes pins that make Pa’s Hawaii shirt and Sara-Jo’s training bra look like caught insects struggling in the wind. Even on a rainy day, the clothes line will charm like a dew drop laden web on an early morning hike.

FarmerJohn, Nov 21 2004


       Ha! I'll take eight, please.
skinflaps, Nov 21 2004

       My mother has the most gorgeous garden, which is often spoiled by the yellow plastic 'whirlygig' dryer in the middle of it. This would provide an elegant alternative.
wagster, Nov 21 2004


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