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Clothing optional cinema

Blame my wife for this one!
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Wife described a strange dream she had recently and I thought it could fit on the Halfbakery - so here it is.

In her dream, she went to buy movie tickets and was asked if she wanted to see it with or without nude scenes. She thought this odd but figured they had made different versions to suit different audiences. She opted for the one with nudity. Then the ticket seller asked if she wanted to be seated with a nude or clothed audience.

There was more to her story, but that’s the HB part.

The general idea of a multiplex cinema offering two different versions of the same film isn’t that far-fetched. But simultaneously hosting soft-core and hard-core versions of porn, and accommodating audience participation? That could get people going back to the movies again.

a1, Jan 14 2023

Only vaguely related https://theconversa...ers-emotions-200145
In which a film is available in different versions, and the presentation itself accommodates audience participation? [a1, Mar 20 2023]


       I can't say anything against this idea that wouldn't make me a hypocrite, so I guess I have to bun it.
Voice, Jan 14 2023

       Sounds familiar, have you seen your wifes browsing history recently .. sounds like she may have been watching old porn.   

       And perhaps an additional clothed option in the balcony seating for the nudity in film option with the participating audience in the seating below? voyeurs might like that one.
Skewed, Jan 24 2023

       // she may have been watching old porn. //   

       Well sure, all of the new stuff is crap.
a1, Jan 24 2023

       There might be a rather sad contrast between the condition of the bodies on the screen and the condition of the bodies in the seats.
pertinax, Mar 20 2023


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