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Moon Theater

Wait until the Earth eclipses the sun's rays from the moon, then project a film on it for all to view.
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mrthingy, Apr 13 2001

Paint the Moon. http://www.paintthemoon.org/
So-called 'environmental artists' such as Christo have explored large scale, tempory works that involve altering or enhancing the landscape with fabric and other materials. This is along the same lines: to create a temporary dance of red laser light on the dark portion of the Moon which would be visible from Earth. [StarChaser, Apr 13 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

moon meta-advertising. Or meta-moon advertising http://rsloan.newsv...and-now-on-the-moon
[mouseposture, Feb 20 2010]

How NASA fell for British ad firm's spoof project to project a cheese logo on to the Moon http://www.dailymai...l?printingPage=true
[mrthingy, Dec 12 2012]


       The moon is not totally dark during a lunar eclipse, but more of a blood red, due to the fraction of sunlight that refracts through our atmosphere (gee, I hope I have this right in my rush to annotate) and reaches the moon. I can't wait until someone can get pictures of a terran eclipse of the sun.   

       Anyway, you might be better off waiting for a "new moon" when the face of the moon is utterly dark. This happens every 28 days.   

       On the other hand, even if it was an indisputably good movie, this action would probably get you lynched. Besides, how would you transmit the soundtrack?   

       (Modified to remove "solar eclipse of the earth" in favor of the more sensical "terran eclipse of the sun.")
centauri, Apr 13 2001, last modified Apr 17 2001

       This would be great!! You could transmit the soundrack over several worldwide radio staions and play a great new movies every month! Of course you would only be able to show G-rated movies (snicker) but it would give people a reason to be outside.
salmon, Apr 13 2001

       Use colored lasers beamed from the non-functioning USian Star Wars missile shield satellites! But doesn't the moon make an awfully small screen? Either watch the show through binoculars or else use gigantic thermonuclear devices to move the Moon into a lower orbit. (I like the idea of a closer Moon. Big tides, spectacular full moon, etc.)
Dog Ed, Apr 13 2001

       Centauri, the new moon is right next to the Sun, which is likely to wash out any movie show far worse than refracted sunlight (yes, you got that right) ever would.   

       The real problem here is that the energy required to illuminate the Moon is, well, astronomical. Any physicist types want to do the BOTEC?
egnor, Apr 13 2001

       Dog: I believe the moon entering a lower orbit is the main source of hullabaloo in Zelda 2.
nick_n_uit, Apr 14 2001

       Not everybody thinks it's beyond current technology, UnaBubba. Mary Lou Jepson (who, at her day job, does engineering and capital raising for Micro Display [www.microdisplay.com]) has designed a moon projector, that she thinks she can build for about $1M. I believe her design uses reflected sunlight (so the images wouldn't be visible from the projection site.)   

       And, yes centauri, she's received death threats.
td, Apr 15 2001

       [td]: That's fascinating. Do you have a reference, or any more information about that design?
egnor, Apr 15 2001

       i don't think synching the soundtrack would be that hard; it'll be easy to predict, for any point on the surface, when a given frame's light will arrive.   

       I'm voting against, even though this is a kind of neat idea, because I, too, would be sending death threats.
wiml, Apr 17 2001

       Headlines: California Power supply is down the proverbial drain--PG&E--Pacific Gas & Electric is on its way out---Los Angeles 'makes' its own power though. If Governor 'Moonbeam' Brown was still in office...
thumbwax, Apr 18 2001

       This appeared in a Judge Dredd story and it was, as suggested here, used for advertising. The Moon Tower that did this can be found on the Games Workshop "Judge Dredd" board game.
Aristotle, Apr 18 2001

       Vaguely relevant, but greatly silly link above.
StarChaser, May 10 2001

       How about a lens between the moon and Earth to make the moon *appear* larger?
phoenix, Aug 09 2001

       Didn't Pepsi look into moon advertising awhile back?
RayfordSteele, Apr 04 2002

       The earliest moon as advertising version I'm aware of was R. A. Heinlein's "The Man who Sold the Moon". That used static advertising by ballistic dust distribution rather then projected.
MechE, Feb 19 2010

       //How about a lens between the moon and Earth to make the moon *appear* larger?//   

       There's already one there. The moon is actually a little under seven feet across.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2012

       Proposed originally by "Moon TV" Jepsen. It was determined to be a Very Bad Idea for one reason: lunar albedo is measured by many nations. If it changes suddenly nuclear forces go on high alert..
Steamboat, Dec 13 2012

       Six years after Heinlein, Arthur C Clarke wrote "Watch this Space" which tells how a scientific experiment conducted on the moon - creating a giant sodium cloud that is made luminescent by the sun's rays and visible from Earth - which is sabotaged by "the greatest advertising coup" in history where the sodium cloud is put through a stencil so it spells out "Coca-Cola" although the soft drink wasn't actually specified in the story.
AusCan531, Dec 13 2012


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