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Cloud integrated desktop

Use free Cloud offerings to bolster desktop performance
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Imagine if your desktop used cloud services, it asks you for your Cloud budget - how much you want to spend. Amazon, Azure and others offer many services for free, these could be integrated into a desktop.

Could accelerate local workstations with offloading of some processing to the Cloud. Such as search. (Send updatedb locate database for unix systems to cloud system and run the search there)

chronological, Dec 09 2019

Cloud desktop mockups https://github.com/...quire/cloud-desktop
[chronological, Dec 09 2019]

Cloud integration - early scepticism https://en.m.wikipe...org/wiki/The_Clouds
[pertinax, Dec 19 2019]


       // for free //   

       Not so. For your data. It's the new oil...   

       So, how would the computation be performed to keep it free exactly? Homomorphic encryption?
Mindey, Dec 09 2019

       Mindney, we'd be using the same services that developers and corporations use to outsource their computers. There wouldn't be need to worry about privacy of your data when talking to Amazon or Azure assuming you encrypt it with TLS while it makes its way over the network.
chronological, Dec 09 2019

       How do you expect arbitrary software that was made without this in mind to work with this?
notexactly, Dec 09 2019

       //free// sp: "free"
Voice, Dec 09 2019

       I'm creating mockups of this idea on Github   

       See the link I added   

       See the cloud acceleration section specifically.
chronological, Dec 09 2019

       notexactly, I imagine taking a normal desktop operating system like Ubuntu and then adding Cloud extensions that make the desktop faster through use of externally hosted services.
chronological, Dec 09 2019

       That's sort-of OK for some types of application - accounting software already does this, being client-server rather than a browser-driven web-based architecture - but it makes the application critically dependent on a fast, reliable datalink.   

       For some tasks, a capability for standalone operation is always going to be mandatory.
8th of 7, Dec 09 2019

       // TLS while it makes its way over the network   

       That does not prevent cloud providers from secretly trading the uploaded user data. Could be okay for some non-sensitive data though.
Mindey, Dec 09 2019

       ... or government snooping.   

       If you want a modicum of security, don't pass unencrypted data over IP, and don't use cloud storage.
8th of 7, Dec 09 2019

       I don't understand the spreadsheet part. It looks to me like just a grid of randomly chosen software development-related terms. What does it do?
notexactly, Dec 10 2019

       notexactly, The spreadsheet part is how do you make computer resources as simple to create as using a spreadsheet, those are things you can create by typing =.   

       How you configure them after that is some thing I'm still working on.
chronological, Dec 11 2019

       I wonder how quickly they'd've locked you up in a padded cell if you'd said, 100 years ago "have you considered integrating your desktop with the cloud?" ?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2019

       Isn't this essentially a chromebook?
tatterdemalion, Dec 19 2019

       Kind of like a Chromebook. But from a developer perspective I can integrate with various services provided by public clouds.
chronological, Dec 20 2019

       // notexactly, The spreadsheet part is how do you make computer resources as simple to create as using a spreadsheet, those are things you can create by typing =. //   

       I'm not sure what you mean by that. I know how spreadsheet formulas work, but I don't see how they come into play here.
notexactly, Dec 21 2019

       notexactly, I want complicated things to be creatable as like creating a cell of a given type in a spreadsheet.
chronological, Dec 21 2019

       OK. That sounds like it would be nice. How do you intend to achieve that?
notexactly, Dec 22 2019


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