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computer dashboard

differential calculus II is making me creative (leavecomments)
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a small display, with real, mechanical dials and some LEDs.

sits below your screen (or wherever).

RPM --> big dial in center , shows cpu usage ("when it's in the red, grandma , don't press anything!")

TEMP --> secondary dial showing hdd accesses/second ("wait till it comes back down and THEN click install")

SPEED --> data throughput of your internet connection ("you can see here the site isn't actually loading, dad")

TACHOMETER --> hours spent active on computer (when not in screensaver mode) ("geez, get a life!")

LOTS MORE- a few led bars to monitor whatever you like , for example overall sound output level, P2P app d/l speed, new mail indicator (like old answering machines) , maybe with different colors to indicate mail sender (work/friends) ,actual cpu temp (for modders)

plus a version for kids with lots of leds for icq/messenger buddies indication and stuff.

i wish i had time to draw how i imagine it and put it online.. i hope you get the picture..

future super-smart features would include a monitoring feature and a small screen that would display messages like - "process IEXPLORE seems to be using 15% more resources than it usually does. please check for potential spyware/adware" or - "computer has taken 9 seconds more to start up than current average" or - "response time to this command has taken 120% longer than current average" or - "process WMPLAYER has become unstable 23rd time this week. you should consider reinstalling.."

i personally think if i had one i would definately grin.alot. and then tweak it till sparks come out.

OH - and a small device that makes magnesium sparks fly out of the dashboard when everything eventually hangs. and a litle smoke machine.


supershnitzel, Jun 20 2005


       Well, I suppose you can go do a few more double integrals before posting something intelligible.
daseva, Jun 20 2005

       Very Captain Nemo-ish.   

       It might be truly useful if it operated more or less at the hardware level, like some diagnostic boards. Otherwise, baked by any number of software utils.
Adze, Jun 21 2005

       I think we've done 'dials for everything' - why is this not [m-f-d] list ?
neilp, Jun 21 2005


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