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Desktop Battery

Desktop Computer Battery
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I know there is a battery in desktop computers that powers the BIOS and the clock, but why not have a larger battery in case of power failure? This would be similar to a laptop battery, but smaller. When the computer detects that the power input has been removed, it would operate on the battery.

It would only be built to sustain power for about 5 minutes, to keep the cost low. However, this could save work in case of a blackout, power failure, or even accidental disconnection.

Part of the voltage input would be transferred to charge the battery, which would not take long.

gamecraziness, May 13 2009

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       A bit like an UPS then?
skegger, May 13 2009

       D'oh! I didn't know about that. Thanks
gamecraziness, May 13 2009

       Many server-type desktops do have built-in batteries, usually added-on (added-in?) back UPS companies. Problem is, it's really expensive, and troublesome to deal with when the battery eventually dies. It's easier to user a UPS like skegger suggested.
omnipath, May 13 2009

       This is extremely baked, considering I'm using one right now.
DIYMatt, May 14 2009

       Hi, [Exportersindia], welcome to the Halfbakery! Now kindly go fuck yourself with a cactus.
ytk, Jun 05 2015

       Although baked, I still think there's room for improvement.   

       It would be great if PC power supplies had an auxiliary input, so 100-240V in, and DC-24V in for example. The DC could be ignored unless a suitable battery is plugged directly in, in which case it would make the desktop PC behave like a laptop PC. Minimal electronics in the battery pack, and variable capacity with the PC power supply both charging the pack and selectively using it. No large and expensive UPS required.   

       Hopefully one could operate peripherals, such as the monitor, off the new 100W USB ports, so they'd also be powered.
TIB, Jun 05 2015

       100W USB? Jeez, a USB kettle can't be far off then?
bs0u0155, Jun 05 2015

       Jeez indeed. That's 20 amps at 5 volts!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2015

       if you're going by regular safety guidelines, you need 12 gauge (approx. 2mm) wire. That's 4mm just for the power lines. Don't wrap it around anything iron, or you'll be the local North. Was this new standard approved by a large copper concern?
bs0u0155, Jun 05 2015

       Not sure what voltage the new USB will run at when delivering power, but yep, 100W. [edit: looks like up to 20V, so 5A]
TIB, Jun 05 2015


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