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Club Oreo

Triple-decker Oreo
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Whereas a regular Oreo is cookie-filling-cookie, the Club Oreo would be cookie-filling-cookie-filling-cookie. This would yield a filling-to-cookie ratio of 2:3 as opposed to the standard 1:2.
AO, Mar 05 2003

Double Stuf Oreo http://www.nabiscoworld.com/oreo/
Obtains a 'perfect' 2:1 ratio without an Oreoectomy! [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The best Oreos http://www.cybercan...url_indprod?xlc=662
[half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Add another layer, and the ratio is 3:4. Wow! the filling is gaining on the cookie. I wonder how many layers you'd have to add until you had more filling than cookie.
beauxeault, Mar 05 2003

       Not that it is anything like a club oreo, but I was just eating a Penguin and wondering why the Americans don't make a similar format candy (chocolate cookies filled with chocolate cream surrounded by, well, chocolate).
DrCurry, Mar 05 2003

       lol @ beauxeault... That comment made my day.
JRandMoby, Mar 05 2003

       Can I be in your oreo club?   

       btw: Happy 1st HBirthday JRandMoby, and happy 0th AO.
Worldgineer, Mar 05 2003

       ewwwwwwwww, oreos
kaz, Mar 05 2003

       They should sell packs of individual fillings so that we can restore (or even overcompensate for) the filling/cookie ratio as we see fit.
lostdog, Mar 05 2003

       Chocolate filling, too. Not just like on the choco-filled Oreos, but really super double ultra chocolatey.
galukalock, Mar 05 2003

       Doc, we do. They're called girl-scout cookies.
RayfordSteele, Mar 05 2003

       FYI : The Swedish Oreo would be just cookie-filling.
nichpo, Mar 06 2003

       mmmmmmmmm, ohreeeooooohs.
-homer simpson

Think of the possibility of double-stuffed, club Oreos...
cookie... filling... filling... cookie... filling... filling... cookie!
[stands up and runs around the circle...]
ato_de, Mar 07 2003

       <runs like hell> Goose! </runs>
kaz, Mar 07 2003

       don't oreos taste like shit?
sambwiches, Mar 07 2003

       Only if you pick them out of the toilet. (Not speaking from experience, you understand.)
DrCurry, Mar 07 2003

       nothing wrong with picking them out of the toilet. just make sure you wash your hands first. otherwise its unhygienic.
sambwiches, Mar 07 2003

       Please don't run in the HalfBakery.
Worldgineer, Mar 07 2003

       damMIT...i'm drooling now...oh yeah i love this idea. what about different flavored layers?
igirl, Mar 08 2003

       [Curry], I just remembered. Several years ago, Winn-Dixie's brand, Superbrand I believe, had these Oreo-type cookies coated with chocolate. Fudge-Dipped Cremes, as I recall.
galukalock, Mar 08 2003

       Can't I just have a tub of the filling, and a packet of the cookies?   

       Its the next chips and salsa!
aeoschao, May 06 2003

       What is the black stuff in Oreos made from, anyhow ? It's like noughat to me.   

       Just now I cracked the technique of how to separate the two chocolate cookies while ensuring the cream stay on just one side.. then you come up with THIS !!   

       exciting !
mahatma, May 06 2003

       You'd think the marketing droids at Nabisco would have thought of this already. That's awesome.
timpestuous, May 06 2003

krelnik, Aug 19 2003

bristolz, Aug 19 2003

       ATSTTR = Acronym Translation Services To The Rescue.
WTHDTAM? = What The Hell Does That Acronym Mean?
WTAGIPBAN = Wasn't That A Great Idea Posted By A Newbie.
ROUS = Rodents Of Unusual Size
Worldgineer, Aug 19 2003

       Sorry about that, I usually try not to churn ideas when marking them for the "great newbie posts" view, but I noticed [AO] had gotten overlooked in that list and really deserved to be in it. (To see the view I'm talking about, go to my HB posting FAQ from my profile page, and click the link that says ''here is proof").
krelnik, Aug 19 2003

       Ah. Query bait.
bristolz, Aug 19 2003

       Love it.
bnip, Sep 14 2007

       [Drcurry]'s post, right up there at the top struck me as scary.   

       Does [evilPenguin] have anything to say about this?
Custardguts, Sep 14 2007


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