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Amazing new information-age material actually resists clue
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The cunning geniuses at CluePont have developed an amazing new material, Clueflon, which is able to resist clue. With Clueflon, clue just won't stick.

When woven into a seven-layer fabric, Clueflon is able to resist penetration of even the highest-bandwidth clue.

mleech, Dec 12 2000


       I expect you could sythesize such a material from my hair and scalp.
centauri, Dec 12 2000

       Cue ball, looking much clearer.
reensure, Dec 12 2000

       I thought the promotion to management already came with a lifetime supply of this.
absterge, Dec 13 2000

melanerpes, Apr 15 2001

       Oh no! [melanerpes] got hit by overspray!
phoenix, Jul 27 2001


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