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Dambuster's laser bargepole

Dragging the humble bargepole into the 21st century
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A simple device consisting of two laser pointers designed to converge at a point 10 feet or 3.048 metres from the operator.
coprocephalous, Feb 16 2006

(?) Inspired by, but more compact than.. Pocket_20Retractible_20Barge_20Pole
The ideal contactless distance gauge [coprocephalous, Feb 16 2006]


       There is something satisfying in using solid victorian materials such as brass and wood that you don't get with a laser pointer.   

       Plus you cannot literally 'touch' something or someone with a laser, so the pun on which it is based is lost.
dbmag9, Feb 16 2006

       What pun? There is no play on words here.
You /wouldn't/ touch it with a bargepole, and so here, you can't possibly touch it.
For an authentic retro 1940's feel, it should be made of bakelite and leather.
coprocephalous, Feb 16 2006

       But the idea is that you *wouldn't* touch it, not that you *couldn't* touch it. If you can't possibly touch it then that takes the point out of it (har har).
dbmag9, Feb 16 2006

       Yeah, I'm thinking a remote controlled robot device would be a better solution here, since that is the common modern solution for things you do not want to touch with a barge pole (suspicious packages, e.g.).
DrCurry, Feb 16 2006


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